Alpaca Walking & Eco-Friendly Glamping in South Wales.

The Perfect Getaway Where In The Chaos Of Life, Balance Is Close To Nature, Has Four Legs And a Mischievous Smile.

Balance is not something that can be found, it is something you create.

Here at Stay Balanced we have done just that – a dream that has become a calming oasis away from the hustle and bustle where you can create your own balance surrounded by nature, green living and an Alpaca or three!

Dog Friendly

Staying with your dog is great, but not always easy.

If you’re looking for a dog friendly place to stay during your next holiday in South Wales, look no further than Stay Balanced.

Family Friendly

Whilst our Alpacas are always fascinated by little humans, sometimes little hands can be a little too much for them so whilst we welcome children over the age of 5 those 14 and under are able to help their accompanying adult to hold the lead


Eco-friendly glamping is the new camping. They’re designed to be more environmentally conscious and offer a fun, green alternative for those who want their adventure in nature

Here at Stay Balanced, we offer the perfect getaway for those seeking a tranquil escape

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Alpaca Walking And Feeding

Discover the beauty of South Wales while enjoying some quality time with Alpacas. Step into a world of pure happiness as you walk and feed our alpaca friends. We offer different alpaca experiences from walking to feeding.

Alpaca Afternoon Tea Experiences in South Wales, alpaca walking south wales

Afternoon Tea with Alpacas

You and your loved ones will enjoy a day with our alpacas, where you can feed them in their natural habitat. Then we’ll provide an unforgettable luxury afternoon tea including scones, sandwiches, cream tea as well as delicious cakes!

wedding & events with alpacas

VIP Alpaca Wedding & Events

Planning a wedding or big event? Our beautiful alpacas are sure to make your special day even more memorable. We offer 2 hour experiences where we will bring our furry friends to your wedding or event.

Luxury Accommodation In South Wales, The Barn, Stay Balanced AirBnb

Luxury Accommodation - The Barn

The Barn in South Wales is a fantastic way to get away from it all and enjoy some time outdoors. Our luxury accommodation will offer you the chance for relaxation, with our alpacas & nature as your company – what could be better?

Hi, We’re Nil & Gav

Like everyone during the pandemic we started to evaluate our life and future and started to think about how we could do things differently. That grew into a move from London to South Wales to be a little more rural.

Looking after the planet shouldn’t be a chore, cost a fortune or make people’s lives more difficult.

We took a big step going from a 2 bedroom flat in West London to a 4 acre smallholding in rural South Wales. One of our first challenges was how we manage the land and put it to use.

This is when the idea of Alpacas came into play, they weren’t part of the original plan but quite quickly realised they were an animal that fitted with our ethos. They are calm, inquisitive, gentle-natured and not part of the food chain which was important.

What better way to start than with 4 boys all with Welsh names – Dylan, Dewi, Noa & Ceri. We can’t wait for you to meet them.

Stay Balanced Glamping & Alpaca Experiences In South Wales, glamping in south wales, Wales glamping holidays

"Once you’ve been here you won’t want to leave. The alpaca boys never fail to put a smile on our faces. We recommend you take time to retreat into this blissful world"

– Lindy & John

We’ve always loved our holidays to Wales with our two boys and the dog, but Stay Balanced was something special. Gav and Nil are the best hosts. Feeding and walking the alpacas was absolutely brilliant. They were fascinated by us as we were them. We’ll be back soon, for sure!

– Charlotte & Toby

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